• 2009-02-03

    Pure life - [photography]


    Yvette Inufio 的作品散发着一种纯净的气质,在她镜头下被放大的那些小细节是如此的完美,终日忙碌的我们是否注意到了这些身边的美丽。或许我们需要的仅仅是停下脚步,仰望天空,或者低头看看那一株正在破土的新鲜嫩芽……

    ——I stop to look at the trail left by the ants, I feed the doves while butterflies sing songs in my ears, my cats and I tell each other secrets and try to decode the hidden messages drawn by the clouds.
    ——Inside me, there is a world, outside me, another.
    ——They are both different, they both have mysteries.
    ——As many mysteries as stars are in the sky.
    ——I definitely think there are two kinds of people: those who walk in a hurry through life and those who stop and notice every detail on the way.




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